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Landfill Slide Series

Version 2.0

The second version of the Landfill Slide Series© (LSS©) prepared by Dr. Nazli Yesiller, Director of GWRI, is available for educational use at academic institutions.

The slide series is intended soley for academicians and for teaching in a university setting. The slide series is not intended for the general public, consultants, or students. 

The slide series has been expanded to include recent developments in landfill disposal that have occurred since the inception of the first slide series in 2002 as well as to extend the coverage of various topics included in the series. The slide series contains information related to all aspects of municipal solid waste (MSW) landfills including MSW facts; design, construction, operation, and closure of MSW landfills; and waste to energy conversion.

LSS© contains over 200 slides and is intended to be used in a graduate level geoenvironmental engineering, solid waste management, landfill design, or similar courses. Selected slides from the series also can be used in lower or upper level undergraduate courses to provide introduction to or coverage of geoenvironmental engineering principles or solid waste management principles. A description of each slide is available to complement the slide series.

In order to download the LSS© slide series, you can either: 1) fill in the information on the right column or 2) contact Dr. Nazli Yesiller via email, explaining why you want the slide series. Please contact Dr. Nazli Yesiller by email at to obtain instructions for downloading the slide series.


Slide 1 – MSW component distributions in the U.S.

Slide 2 – Installation of an SDRI in a test pad at a landfill

Slide 3 – Dual-track hot wedge thermal fusion seaming

Slide 4 – Single GCL-GM composite bottom liner system

Slide 5 – Waste placement at a large landfill

Slide 6 – Connection detail for a HDPE gas extraction well installed through a cover system with a GM liner

Slide 7 – Solar energy cover system

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