Global Waste Research Institute

Transforming waste into opportunities


Aerial view of the Cal Poly campus

GWRI fosters multidisciplinary approaches in research, development, education, and policy making and includes students and faculty from:

  • College of Engineering
  • College of Science and Mathematics
  • College of Agriculture, Food, and Environmental Sciences
  • Orfaela College of Business 

GWRI offers a variety of educational initiatives, certification programs, professional courses and workshops to help students and industry professionals to better understand and develop viable waste management practices. 

GWRI activities include:

  • Investigation of behavior of wastes and byproducts through theoretical analysis, experimental testing, and numerical modeling.
  • Development of methodologies for management of specialized waste streams (e-wastes, scrap tires, agricultural, military, and high moisture content wastes).
  • Technology development for wastes and byproducts from emerging industries (e.g., biotechnology, nanotechnology, alternative energy).
  • Investigation of multiphase mobility of wastes and byproducts in the environment.
  • Development of containment, treatment, and reuse strategies.
  • Development and dissemination of theories, processes, and products for management of wastes and byproducts.
  • Marketing of innovative and economically viable technologies.
  • Investigation of socio/economic implications of management strategies.
  • Establishing policy for sustainable management of wastes and byproducts.
  • Development of course programs and degree alternatives for students and workshops, short courses, and training modules for practitioners, regulators, and academicians.

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