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Educational Initiatives

Application of Innovative Teaching and Learning Methods to Waste and Byproducts

Jim Hanson, Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
Video Conference with Dr. Senro Kuroaka of Nippon Koei Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan in a Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Course.

Innovative teaching and learning methodologies are being developed at Cal Poly in an educational research project funded by the National Science Foundation. The teaching and learning methods include use of synchronous video-conferencing with university and industry partners both in the U.S. and abroad; as well as production of films in lieu of written assignments. These methods, which promote multiple learning styles and learning around the cycle, have been incorporated into undergraduate geotechnical engineering laboratory courses, upper-level technical electives, and graduate courses. The techniques are applied to geotechnical engineering topics that are relevant in waste containment applications.

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