Executive Committee

Dr. Nazli Yesiller, Director: Geoenvironmental engineering, containment materials and systems, nondestructive testing, image analysis

Dr. Bruce L. Golden, Department Head – Dairy Science: genetic evaluation of livestock, animal identification, and livestock breeding

Dr. James L. Hanson, Professor – Civil and Environmental Engineering Department: geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering, waste containment systems, heat transfer analysis

Dr. Christopher Kitts, Professor and Department Chair – Biological Sciences Department: biodegradation and microbial ecology in bioremediation

Dr. Jay Singh, Professor – Industrial Technology Program, Orfalea College of Business: packaging and life cycle assessment

Dr. Linda Vanasupa, Professor – Materials Engineering Department: materials engineering, engineering education, sustainable engineering, global education

Dr. Samuel A. Vigil, Professor – Civil and Environmental Engineering Department: environmental engineering, solid waste management