College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences

BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department
2009-2011 BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department Catalog

BRAE 448 Bioconversion (4)

Biological, thermal and physical techniques for converting biomass into useful energy forms for agriculture and industry. Laboratory exercises include experiments with anaerobic digestion of animal wastes into methane, ethanol fermentation of grains and composting of agricultural residues. Technical and economic feasibility of biofuels. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prerequisite: MATH 118 (or MATH 116 and MATH 117) or equivalent, or consent of instructor.

BRAE 348 Energy for a Sustainable Society (4) GE Area F
Study of how the transition can be made from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources including hydro, biomass, solar, wind, and energy conservation. Environmental, economic, and political consequences of a renewable energy-based sustainable society. 3 lectures, 1 activity. Prerequisite: Junior standing and completion of GE Area B. Fulfills GE Area F.

Dairy Science Department
2009-2011 Dairy Science Department Catalog

DSCI 340 Dairy Waste Management and Resource Recovery (3)

Management of dairy wastes to protect the environment while providing a return on investment. Selection of waste management systems, considering capital and operating costs and benefits from nutrient, biogas, and heat recovery. Best practices that meet current regulatory requirements. 3 lectures. Prerequisite: MCRO 221.

Natural Resources Management Department
2009-2011 Natural Resources Management Department Catalog

NR 404 Environmental Law (3)

Detailed examination of the law governing use and protection of natural resources with focus on the legal institutions entrusted with the public duty of protecting the environment. 3 lectures. Prerequisite: Senior standing, or graduate standing, or consent of instructor. Crosslisted as CRP/NR 404.

NR 416 Environmental Impact Analysis and Management (4)
National Environmental Policy and California Environmental Quality Acts as applied to environmental and natural resource management problems and projects. Intent, purpose and history of the laws; differences between laws identified. Request for proposals and preparation of environmental assessment documents covered. 3 lectures, 1 laboratory. Prerequisite: NR 306 or equivalent, and NR 335 or equivalent.