Nanotechnology Database

 This database includes the teaching and learning tools developed and integrated into the STEM curriculum at Cal Poly during the implementation of the pedagogical research project “Exploring Emerging Waste Streams Created by Advances in Technology: Bringing Real World Issues into the Undergraduate STEM Curriculum at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.” The project was funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation and was implemented by the Global Waste Research Institute.

Project Duration:

July 2013-July 2016

Key Personnel:


Project Objectives:

Incorporate technical aspects, management issues, and environmental impact of emerging nanotechnology waste streams into the undergraduate STEM curriculum.

Specific Aims:

  • Develop teaching and learning tools in a broad range of disciplines to address the impact of emerging waste streams.
  • Deliver an integrated curriculum to several hundred students each year through a variety of courses.
  • Create deliverables that provide scalable models for adoption in other higher education settings and for other emerging waste streams.

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